What is a Cannabis Club Gran Canaria 2021

What is a Weed Club in Las Palmas?

Here we explain and describe exactly what a weed club in Gran Canaria is, and what is the difference between Coffee Shops in Holand, Dispensaries in America and Cannabis Social Clubs / Cannabis Associations in Spain. In this article we cover the following topics

What exactly is a Weed Club in Gran Canaria?

Are Weed Clubs in Gran Canaria legal?

How does a Weed Club in Gran Canaria Operate?

What is the difference between a Coffee shop / dispensary / Cannabis Social Club?

How to easily access Weed Clubs in Gran Canaria?

What is a Weed Club in Gran Canaria?

The correct term is Cannabis Association

The legal term for an Association is a “Non for Profit Organisation”  aka – a “Charity”

A Cannabis Association is essentially a “Private Members Only Cannabis Social Club.” It is a non for profit association… As we’ve mentioned it’s legal to grow and distribute cannabis in Spain for free, The promotion and sale of cannabis is still illegal. So what makes weed clubs legal is we grow and distribute amongst our “members of family and friends” for free, because what we grow amongst ourselves assures us the safety from the “unknown” black-market cannabis. The fight for the safe consumption of cannabis continues.

But the rent on the premises and the electricity bill… etc, must be paid, so traditionally members of family and friends all contributed happily to the upkeep of the premises, be it a small apartment, or a big commercial building. The cleaning was done by the members themselves, clean up after themselves and take turns to clean the toilet etc, but of-course the real responsibility fell on the founding members of the club, in Spain you need 3 founding members to create a cannabis association. It’s their creation so they are keen to crack the whip on family members and friends.

How to join a Cannabis Club Gran Canaria2021

Are Weed Clubs in Gran Canaria Legal?

Cannabis Clubs are not fully legal in Spain – yet! Please read our article on the history of cannabis Clubs in Spain. Basically the courts have made many historic rulings finding nothing illegal about consuming cannabis in private cannabis clubs making it semi legal. The government in Madrid is still make a decision, at the moment they are keeping tight lipped on the situation. Although Madrid has stated that they are simply waiting and watching very carefully before making a decision, but I wouldn’t expect anything to happen in the next 5 years. They say they don’t have enough information, so they will allow the clubs to exist as they are in order to study cannabis and it’s effects. But have no doubt, it is still an ongoing revolution to fight for our rights for the safe consumption of cannabis.

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How does a Weed Club in Gran Canaria Operate?

Ok – so, to the legalities. It is legal to consume cannabis, it is essentially de-criminalised, which means you can’t get a criminal record for personal possession, if you are found to have 5 grams or less in public, you will receive a fine of 200€ or more, but no criminal record, any more than 5 grams in public may be considered as “you are a supplying” and you may be detained for further questioning down the police station.. but if you were found to have cannabis in a private setting, this is legal, so maybe at your family or friends apartment, or your own room or apartment – there is 1 catch in the law – “it must not affect your neighbours way of life” if your neighbour complains and the police are called you will be told to stop smoking for your neighbour, nothing more, they will leave the herb with you, but if you are in a hotel it’s possible you will be asked to leave. Although in Gran Canaria this is rare, and if there is a complaint there is always a warning or 2 before the police are called – Only in Gran Canaria.

Ok so… it’s legal to consume cannabis in a private setting, but even in your apartment this can be difficult. So what do you do? You make a private cannabis club, somewhere “out the way” where no one will be affected, so that your friends and family can come together and collectively grow their own weed just for themselves, simple

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What is the difference between a Weed Coffee Shop, Marijuana Dispensary and Cannabis Social Clubs?

This one is fairly simple. The difference between a Cannabis Social Club in Spain and a “Marijuana Dispensary” in the USA or a “Weed Coffee Shop” in Holland is – in the USA and Holland the dispensaries and coffee shops are open to the public. They have shop signs and graphics on the windows, big cannabis leaves on display… for the public to see and just walk in. In some states in America you must have a medical certificate / card as it´s only legal for medical use. While other states in America it is legal for recreation and medical use, meaning you can just walk in the dispensaries, and markets, and purchase weed legally. The similar applies to Holland, except it is legal for recreational use everywhere in the coffee shops in Holland, but only some parts of Holland are allowed to accept tourist. So all coffee shops can be accessed by tourists, only in certain towns/cities in Holland it is permitted for tourists to enter the coffee shops.

In Spain it is very different, the sale of cannabis is still illegal. But is legal to grow 2 plants for personal use in your private space, and it is also legal to gift someone cannabis for for free.

So a Cannabis Social Club in Gran Canaria / Spain is a Private Space not open to the public, it is forbidden to be public, no shop sign, no graphics on the windows, no cannabis leaves on display… ect. You have to be member or invited by a memeber to go to the club.

How to Easily Access Weed Clubs in Gran Canaria

Contact the clubs directly, or use an affiliate website like this one and ask for an invitation. Don’t talk about the weed and how much is it? Don’t ask too many questions, get down to the club if your invited, you´re still not obligated, when you get to the club ask them to see some weed and the club before you commit to becoming a member, in Barcelona it’s not possible, but in Gran Canaria it’s all good. 

If you don’t like what you see, here is a great tip for you… politely ask, “do you take card?” No cannabis club takes card, this is your exit strategy, tell them you are going to take some cash, never to return, lol. You better love us! Or just stay on this website and go to our Cannabis Clubs page and choose a reputable club in Gran Canaria, make a reservation and we´ll send you an invitation immediately, fastest way to access good weed clubs in Gran Canaria.

The Tail End.

There you have it, I hope now you will have a better understanding of What exactly is a cannabis social club in Gran Canaria / Spain, and the comparisons between our counterparts in the USA and Holland. 

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