Covid updates – Weed Gan Canaria

Covid updates – Weed Gan Canaria

Here we give the links and news updates regarding all Tenerife and the Covid situation. Directly from our english online news providers for the Canary Islands – Canarian Weekly Most importantly we update the links so you don´t even have to search their website for the relevant information most important to you. The most up top date information on the situation in the Canary Islands, including Gran Canaria. If we have an update we post it the same day so our content is up to date.


Press / click the links below to get straight to the info.

Tourists CAN come to the Island… in fact tourist movement to and from Tenerife continues…

must have an accommodation reservation and a negative test result to come to Tenerife…

Confirming the restrictions and regulations for Gran Canaria… this article contains the info for all islands restrictions

For more in-depth, up to date news for the Canary Islands visit...

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