Cannabis Clubs Gran Canaria

Best Weed Clubs in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Cannabis Clubs

Best Weed Clubs in Gran Canaria

Make a reservation to become a member of one of the best cannabis clubs Gran Canaria has to offer. Choose a cannabis club nearby listed in areas below, read the details carefully and make a reservation for when you would like to go, get the invitation QR Code will all the details immediately. Want to visit more than 1 club? See our Club Packs.

We only affiliate ourselves with the best, reputable clubs, to help you smoke nothing but quality produce in a safe and comfortable environment. Please read all the details carefully before you book, If you need information on how it works in Spain, then take a look at our Weed Guide where we have many informative articles… or give our hotline number a call at the bottom of our website… Enjoy

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Only the Best Weed in Gran Canaria

€ 20 / Valid 1 year

Membership is per person and is valid for 3 months 

€ 20 / Valid for life

Membership is per person and is valid for 1 year

Weed Tours Gran Canaria

Includes 1 cannabis club of your choice free. Bring your own herb and enjoy the magic of the ocean whilst enjoying your favourite flavours. Yes you can smoke on the boat with our “sunset sailing weed tour… just a normal boat tour where we sail the ocean looking for Dolphins, Whales, Sea-turtles and more, most of the time we see dolphins and whales but is not guaranteed, however, the sunset is guaranteed. Includes Cava bubbly and snacks, and 1 Cannabis Club of your choice.